Pro Concept Coatings (PCC) is a division of Master Automotive Franchise and Distributors (MAFD), a two decade old St. Albert, Alberta franchise and distribution company with a 155+ dealer networks across Canada. We also have representation as far away as New Zealand and Nigeria.

PCC has partnered with coating industry giants PPG/HPC Coatings, and Scorpion Protective Coatings, to create a coating business opportunity that’s unrivalled for quality, profitability and versatility of application.

PCC is one of the best business opportunities available and offers incredible return on investment potential!

PCC products can protect, beautify and extend the life of almost any substrate – concrete and wood being the most prominent – in virtually any residential, commercial or industrial setting. Pro Concept Coatings can be applied to garage floors as well as floors in warehouses, factories, retail outlets, showrooms and institutions with any volume of traffic.

Due to their protective and decorative qualities, Pro Concept Coatings can also be used on interior floors such as food prep areas, corridors, meeting and conference rooms, pools, bathrooms/showers, locker rooms and many others.

The PCC opportunity is an amazing one and not just because of the superior product and untapped market potential. Not only is your initial investment one tenth of what the average Canadian franchise costs, we include almost $10,000 in equipment, shop materials and co-op advertising, as well as enough free product to generate approximately $15,000 to $18,000 in revenue.

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